Unlocking Opportunities: TotalEnergies’ January 2024 Recruitment Drive

TotalEnergies' January 2024 Recruitment Drive

Unlocking Opportunities: TotalEnergies’ January 2024 Recruitment Drive

TotalEnergies, a global powerhouse in integrated energy and petroleum, stands as a beacon of diverse opportunities within the energy landscape. Operating across more than 130 countries, the company beckons talented individuals to join its journey, offering an array of career prospects in oil and natural gas exploration, power generation, refining, petrochemicals, and marketing and services.

Navigating TotalEnergies’ Recruitment Realm

Embarking on a career with TotalEnergies involves a meticulously crafted recruitment process, aimed at attracting candidates who align with the company’s core values and aspire to contribute to its ambitious objectives. TotalEnergies champions diversity and inclusion, actively seeking to build a workforce that mirrors the vibrant communities it serves.

Pathways to Success: TotalEnergies’ Career Landscape

TotalEnergies unfolds numerous career avenues, including:

1. Engineering and Technology

Delve into roles such as petroleum engineering, drilling engineering, project management, renewable energy technology, and research and innovation.

2. Geosciences

Critical opportunities in geology and geophysics, pivotal for steering the company’s exploration endeavors.

3. Health, Safety, and Environment (HSE)

Roles focused on ensuring employee well-being and environmental sustainability.

4. Commercial and Marketing

From sales positions to supply chain management within TotalEnergies’ extensive network of service stations.

5. Corporate Functions

Roles in finance, human resources, legal affairs, communications, and other support functions.

Explore Open Vistas: TotalEnergies’ Job Board

TotalEnergies continually showcases diverse job openings on its official career portal. These opportunities span regions and business segments, providing potential candidates a broad spectrum of choices. Prospective applicants can navigate this landscape by visiting the TotalEnergies career portal, filtering jobs by country, profession, or contract type.

Seamless Application Journey

To become part of TotalEnergies’ dynamic team, candidates must follow these steps:

1. Job Search

Visit TotalEnergies’ official career website to find current job openings aligning with skills and interests.

2. Create an Account

Before applying, candidates need to create an account on the TotalEnergies careers portal.

3. Application Submission

Once a suitable position is identified, candidates can apply online.

4. Assessment

Certain roles may require candidates to complete online assessments as part of the application process.

5. Interviews

Selected candidates proceed to interviews conducted over the phone, via video conference, or in person.

6. Offer and Onboarding

Successful candidates receive a job offer followed by an onboarding process, introducing them to TotalEnergies’ policies, culture, and operations.

A Fair and Inclusive Approach

TotalEnergies places a strong emphasis on fairness in its recruitment process, welcoming applications from all qualified individuals, irrespective of background. Additionally, the company extends internship programs, providing students with opportunities to gain valuable industry experience. As TotalEnergies opens its doors to new talent, it not only shapes careers but also fuels the future of energy

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